Because of the Corona virus, Neymar is suspected of “escaping” from the chaos of Paris Saint-Germain


Yesterday, the Government of France joined the list of countries that have taken strict measures on the movement of their citizens in the streets, to guard against spread Corona Coronary Virus Emerging Epidemic or as it is called Covid 19 Which started from China and led to the death of many lives around the world, as it has become demanding of its citizens to provide an official certificate so that they can move in the streets, and this is after it confirmed 7652 people in France and 148 cases died.

Of course, many players have endorsed this measure over the past days on social networks and have shown how their daily lives are going from their homes, even though from the beginning of yesterday Tuesday the first day of real quarantine began.

Thus players will live Paris Saint-Germain Within their homes for a few days, most of them will follow the one and a half hour training plan imposed by the staff of the German coach Thomas Tuchel on the basis of degrees of exercise and treadmills.

But one thing that attracts the attention of the French press is that they do not know what is going on with the Brazilian player Neymar da Silva, From which everyone is accustomed to sharing his daily personal life on social media.

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According to the newspaper «Le Parisian» French, they questioned Neymar’s position during the quarantine in France and that he might be tense because of this procedure which presumably took his own plane in order to return to Brazil, the country where the Corona virus did not spread significantly (321 cases and only one died).This is something that Paris Saint-Germain cannot deny because it has always been confident that the players will be guided by the rules imposed by the government of Emmanuel Macron, President of France.

She asked a newspaper «Le Parisian» The French capital club turned the Brazilian’s possible flight to his home country during the quarantine period, but club officials deny this.

The truth is that the citizens of Neymar and his colleagues in Paris Saint-Germain did not hide their desire to return to Brazil, and Thiago Silva’s wife admitted through her account on “Instagram” That they had finally stayed in France because it did not know whether Thiago would return to training over the next few days, which would be according to the spread of the Coruna virus.

She wrote Isabel, Wife of Thiago Silva: «The virus is everywhere. My husband is waiting for a return notice to work. Now here we are very sad with all this, but we think everything will go soon. ”

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Other colleagues of Neymar also want to share their daily lives with their followers through their homes in Paris, as is the case for the Germans. Julian Draxler, Who spends his time playing video games, also Italian Marco Ferrati, Who appeared enjoying Italian cooking.

She suspects «Le Parisian» In that Neymar is not the only case of the Paris Saint-Germain players who decided “Escape” During the last moments of staying in their homes during quarantine and they went to their countries, therefore the French newspaper from Paris Saint-Germain calls for a general statement to clarify everything and remove suspicions.


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