Despite its harms … Corona makes 2021 “exceptional”


With the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo, the European Nations Cup and the South American Nations Cup (Cuba America) football postponed until next year due to the new Corona virus, the 2021 year of sport will become a distinct and exceptional sport.
Despite this, the postponement of these three major events, especially the Olympics and the European Championship, will overshadow many events in the coming year.The Olympic Movement is now facing a “tremendous challenge” to organize the Olympics in 2021, said German International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach.

IOC officials, organizers in Tokyo, athletes and fans face a number of inquiries and mysterious and unknown matters, at the forefront of which is how to overcome the current Corona virus crisis, which has frozen the sporting life of the world.

These challenges and inquiries can be summarized in 5 main questions about logistical, financial and other issues as follows:

It is not yet clear whether the Olympics, which were scheduled from July 24 to August 9, will take place in the summer of 2021, with the delay period of about 12 months, or whether the Olympics will be held early.

The International Olympic Committee and the Organizing Committee for the Tokyo Olympics agreed last Tuesday to postpone the Olympics to 2021 due to the Corona virus, provided that it does not exceed the summer of next year.

Regardless of the timing that will be chosen in the next year, it will have a huge impact on the sports calendar in 2021, as Euro 2020 was postponed to the period from June 11 to July 11, 2021, and next year there will be more than one major sports championship. Olympic, such as the World Swimming Championships from July 16 to August 1, the World Athletics Championships from August 6 to 15, in addition to the European Basketball Championship from September 2 to September 19.

Qualifiers and qualification
One of the biggest sources of concern for athletes is the path to qualification for the Olympics. Until the sporting activities in the world stopped during the last period due to the Corona virus, the size of those who officially qualified for the Olympics was only 57% of the more than 11 thousand athletes and sportsmen expected to participate in this Olympic version.

Now, the criteria that will govern the qualification of the remainder must be clarified, and new dates must be set for the qualifications for the Olympics, which were canceled in the last period due to Corona.

Also, new rules must be established that govern certain matters such as age limits for some competitions, such as the men’s soccer competition, in which participation is limited to players under the age of 23, with the exception of 3 players over this age.

For many athletes, sponsorship and other contracts are designed and linked to the Olympic Games, and some athletes have been planning to end their sporting career through this year’s Olympics.

Logistics preparations
It may now not be possible for all of the more than 11,000 athletes and their coaches to reside in the Olympic Village as previously planned. This also applies to 4,400 athletes and athletes who were scheduled to participate in the Paralympic Games.

The Olympic Village in Tokyo includes 5,632 apartments due to be handed over to their owners later this year, as about a quarter of these apartments were sold before, with delivery after the Olympics and the Paralympic Games.

In Tokyo, the organizers will also face a problem in providing spaces and other places for several activities in the Olympics.

Of the 42 establishments that were scheduled to host the activities of this Olympic Games, some of them will be reserved for other competitions in the next year, in addition to some of these establishments being established temporarily.

The Tokyo Olympics organizers have tried to keep the costs of hosting this course within reasonable limits. According to estimates, this course will cost Japan more than $ 27 billion.

Now, experts expect the delay costs to range between 5.8 and 6 billion dollars.


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