Attacks on an Egyptian artist despite his apology: “In Kuwait you are a chef or a driver” – (video)


3 hours ago

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London – “Arab Jerusalem”:

Kuwaiti media and artist Maha Mohamed launched a sharp attack on the Egyptian artist, Mohammed Al-Taji, as part of the latest developments in a case The artist, Hayat Al-Fahd About deporting arrivals.

Maha Mohamed said that he might be a driver or a chef at the home of the able artist and MP Safaa Al-Hashim, describing it as “Bata Al-Jazmah”, adding: “I know who you are talking to, lower your literature, and exceed your limits.” Which caused a sensation among the followers, who were divided between those who saw that she was right, and those who considered that she had crossed the borders in her response to the Egyptian artist.

In the same context, Kuwaiti artist Abdullah Bahman attacked Al-Taji and accused him of insulting Kuwaitis. He said: “The boots we hold your hands and break them and we give you the boots oh.”

This came after the Egyptian actor, in a video clip, criticized the Cheetah for demanding the expulsion of expatriate workers to Kuwait because of the inability of this country to bear their presence in light of the spread of the Corona epidemic.

Al-Taji immediately retracted this, and apologized before deleting the passage, and said: “I can be enthusiastic, you took me a little, because I did not mean the final of all the Kuwaiti people, and I apologize for any of the Kuwaiti brothers if the word of this was the same.”


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