China opens the doors to Wuhan … and closes it in the north


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74 days after the closure, the Chinese authorities returned Wuhan city opened Covid’s birthplace 19, from which the Coruna epidemic began in the world, but it began to apply restrictions on the movement of people in a northern town amid fears of a second wave of infection in the country.

In details, the Chinese authorities opened Wuhan, home to 11 million people, after a closure that started at the end of January to combat the spread of the virus, as more than 50,000 people in the city contracted the disease that also killed more than 2,500 people there, which is equivalent to about 80% of the death toll in China, according to official figures.

However, once the population began leaving the city after the authorities eased the restrictions in Wuhan during the past days, the number of infections in the northern Heilongjiang region increased to 25 in one day, due to the arrival of infected travelers from Russia that shares land borders with the region.

The city of Suifenhe in Heilongjiang imposed restrictions on population movement on Wednesday, as was the case in Wuhan.

In turn, the central television station, CCTV, reported that residents must stay in homes, while one member of each family is allowed to leave once every 3 days to purchase the necessary needs, but to return on the same day.

The National Health Committee of China announced that the mainland recorded 62 new infections with the new virus on Wednesday, up from 32 cases the previous day, and the number of infected persons from abroad increased.

The committee added that the number of cases arriving to the mainland of China reached 1042 cases as of Tuesday, an increase of 59 cases over the previous day, after a relative settlement of the country’s injuries and deaths rate.

East raises the level of danger

The city of Jiaozhou in east China’s Shandong Province has also raised, on its official website, the risk level of corona virus from low to medium, without giving further details.

A county in central China with a population of about 600,000 people has started partial isolation since April 1 after several new cases have been discovered, including at least two without symptoms.

Wuhan - France Press
Wuhan – France Press

Cases without symptoms

About 55,000 Wuhan is expected to leave by train, Wednesday. More than 10,000 left by air as flights resumed at Tianhe Airport. But flights to Beijing have not yet resumed.

The National Health Committee said the number of new infections in China had risen to 62 on Tuesday, compared to 32 the previous day, the highest rate since March 25. Of these, 59 were from abroad.

The health authorities also said on Wednesday that the number of new cases that did not show symptoms rose to 137, compared to 30 the previous day, of which 102 cases were for travelers from abroad.

Wuhan - France Press
Wuhan – France Press

To that, the National Health Committee announced that the total number of confirmed infections on the Chinese mainland amounted to 81,802 cases, including 3333 deaths as of Tuesday.

With the virus turned into a global epidemic, causing more than 1.4 million people infected and 82,000 died.

And it caused turmoil in the global economy, after governments around the world imposed extensive restrictions to curb the spread of the disease.


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