Emirates Airlines publishes policy for exemptions due to Corona



                    Jumana El-Heloueh

Dubai international airport

Emirates Airlines announced the update of its exemption policy due to the spread of Corona, as it has facilitated the process of re-booking and canceling travel tickets to all markets around the world.

The CEO of commercial operations at the company, Adnan Kazim, said: “The travel and aviation industry operates according to complex rules on ticket prices, re-reservations and refunds, and these rules differ according to each market.”

He added: “We realize that entering customers in the details of this may be confusing and cause inconvenience, especially in light of the critical circumstances the world is witnessing due to the Corona virus.”

He continued: “We hope that Emirates airline customers re-book their tickets and travel with us at a later time, and for this we have extended the validity of their current tickets up to two years and provided them with the option to obtain and use a travel voucher against any of our products and services.”

He pointed out that “the company’s customers will not incur any change fees for reservations on tickets issued until May 31 for travel, and we also offer them the option to recover the value of their tickets in cash.”

Emirates offers three options for its customers affected by the suspension of flights and travel restrictions, namely, “keeping a ticket, requesting a travel voucher or redeeming the value of the ticket.”

Emirates makes it easy to make any of these requests online by filling in a simple form.

Source: “Emirates Today”


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