To celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 94th anniversary … lighting the Burj Khalifa with the British flag


The emirate of # Dubai sent the largest symbolic gift to the Queen of Britain and the Commonwealth of Countries # Elizabeth II on the occasion of her ninety-fourth birthday, who was absent from the salute and the annual customs accompanying him on the request of not being in line with the situation, by lighting the Burj Khalifa with the flag of the United Kingdom of Britain, also known as ” Union Jack. ”

It is customary for Britain to witness a salute ceremony on the occasion of royal birthdays and anniversaries, when empty shots are fired from several locations in London, but the Queen sensed that these ceremonies will not be appropriate this year under the current circumstances.

A source in the royal family told Reuters that “the queen was careful not to take special measures to allow the firearms to be greeted because she did not feel that it would be appropriate under the current circumstances,” adding that it is believed that this is the first time that the queen has requested such a It has been since she ascended the throne 68 years ago.

The ninety-fourth anniversary of Queen Elizabeth came without any shows or appearances of joy, and without the bells of St. Peter’s Monastery ringing in Westminster, which witnessed its coronation 67 years ago. While April 21 is considered the actual date of the Queen’s birth, her birthday is officially celebrated in June, and the tradition began in 1748, the day King George II, who was born in October, decided to hold a birthday celebration in June to fear that the rain would spoil the procession And celebration.

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