1086 Corona injury, dismissal of Mazboud, Majdal Anjar, decision to tighten procedures, and Hassan does not exclude public closure


Corona’s record reached a large and alarming number in Lebanon for the second day in a row. After recording 63 injuries the day before yesterday, the epidemic returned and recorded 62 cases yesterday, the majority of whom resided in the regions, and reached 59 cases, while the incoming was limited to 3 cases. The total number of injured people in Lebanon increased since February 21 to 1086. While 7 new planes carrying expatriates arrived in Beirut yesterday, which is a fixed daily number of trips that continues until the 28th of this month, to the end of the third stage of the process of evacuating the expatriates, fears of an outbreak of the epidemic began to emerge after escaping What the country witnessed during the past days, and which could double during Eid Al-Fitr, is what forced Interior Minister Mohamed Fahmy to issue a statement in which he stressed the necessity of preventing the establishment of any sporting or recreational celebrations or gatherings or opening the role of amusement parks, sports clubs, stadiums and parks, including the field of horse racing For any reason, even if it was without an audience, as well as prohibiting the placement of games for children in the squares and roads, until a contrary text is issued.

Health Minister Hamad Hassan also warned against the general mobilization escaping, so Majdal Anjar confirmed during an inspection visit that “if we are not in a high degree of responsibility then there is no doubt that the issue of corona will be disastrous, and the overcrowding and mixing cause a rapid spread of infection as well He happened with the Bangladeshi community. ” He pointed out that “it is not the right of expatriates to dismantle the stone and cause a danger to the country and its citizens, and cases that do not register symptoms that lead to the spread of the epidemic, and the danger is real.” Hassan stressed that “we may go to the so-called herd immunity, but in a calm form, and we may go to close the country completely when the number of beds becomes insufficient, and the immunity tests that were conducted do not indicate the spread or spread of the Corona epidemic.”

After the number of injured people in Majdal Anjar increased to 32, Hassan saw that the number of injuries recorded is a shocking number and sounds the alarm. To avoid the greatest, the muzzle must be worn.

The Ministry of Health had issued its daily report, announcing 62 new positive cases, 59 for residents and 3 for expatriates. She explained that the number of examinations conducted in 31 accredited laboratories amounted to 2100 PCR examinations. As for the National Operations Room for Disaster Management, its daily report said that the number of examinations carried out since February 21 was 69,184, while the number of injuries among residents reached 906, and among arrivals 180. In yesterday’s distribution of injuries, according to the report, he was injured in Beirut – Ras Nab’a 34, Mazbroud 6, Majal Anjar 13, Suwairi in West Bekaa 2, Jdeidet Al-Qayta’a 1, unspecified 3, and wounded in Kafr Fahim, Baabda and Aba Nabatiyeh. As for the number of injuries according to geographical distribution, Beirut became at the forefront with 218 cases, Al-Matn 158, Keserwan 88, Baabda 88, Bsharri 73, Akkar 71, Jbeil 53, Shouf 51, and Zahleh 38.

While random checks continued in the areas, it was decided to isolate the town of Mazboud from its surroundings after the high number of injuries recorded in it, as well as closed the entrances to Majdal Anjar and prevent the exit and access to it except for workers in vital sectors. Mazboud Municipality announced that “after the release of the results of the PCR examinations that were conducted on the 19th of this year, for a number of the townspeople and residents, 6 new infections with the Corona virus were recorded, in addition to the previous ones.” The crisis cell in Mazboud Municipality announced a state of public emergency in the town after communicating with the governor of Mount Lebanon, Judge Muhammad Makkawi, and coordination with the mayor of the Chouf Marlene Kahwaji Doumit, and the president of the Northern Carpet Municipalities Union, Ziad Al-Hajjar, and the emergency meeting with representatives Bilal Abdullah and Muhammad Al-Hajjar, under the direction of the Minister Interior Muhammad Fahmy, where the decision was taken to isolate the mother from the ocean, so that the medical devices in the crisis cell can contain the epidemic, to limit its spread, and implement the decisions in an immediate form, in coordination with the security services. It was forbidden to tour the town except in extreme cases, with masks and gloves.

For his part, the mayor of Karmataya Yahya Alaeddin declared that “the results of the randomized PCR examinations and of the two contacts last Monday at the Karmataya Public School were negative.”

He stressed, “The necessity of continuing to take preventive measures and adhere to the domestic quarantine and not to wander, except for the utmost necessity and not gathering or mixing, especially after the outbreak of the epidemic in neighboring towns.”

On the second side of the casualty focus, 21 access points were closed in Majdal Anjar, as directed by the Governor of the Bekaa Governorate, with the exception of the tip of tip. Security forces prevented entry and exit from the town, except for doctors, pharmacists, food and agricultural materials. Bekaa Governor Kamal Abu Joudeh confirmed the registration of 32 new injuries in the town.

The Marj municipality announced that it was found, according to the municipality’s lists, that the number of those in contact with the young person with Corona had approached 150 people, and they were subjected to Corona tests starting yesterday at the Marj Development Complex. And the mayor of Marj Munawar Al-Jarrah has taken a decision to completely close all shops and establishments except for food stores, butcheries, vegetables, pharmacies, restaurants, and pastry shops, while strengthening preventive measures in these institutions.

In the north, the daily report of the Disaster Management Chamber in Akkar governorate covid 19 reported, “The number of cases that have been registered since last March 17 until yesterday, reached 66 cases with the virus, with 4 new infections recorded.” The number of positive cases reached 41, and recovery cases 25, while cases of home quarantine for residents and expatriates reached 422 cases, a difference of 31 cases from the day before yesterday.

For its part, the Disaster Management Unit of the Union of Municipalities of Tire District announced that “no case was recorded yesterday at the judicial level with” Corona “virus, and a complete recovery was recorded after laboratory tests showed that the patient was free of the virus, which raised the number of recoverers to 8. The result of the two cases The two suspects who registered the day before yesterday are negative, while a suspicious case was recorded yesterday, and the number of injured in the judiciary reached 42 injured: 34 cases coming from Africa, 3 cases coming from Europe and 5 domestic cases.

Since the beginning of the crisis, the Nabatieh municipality Al-Fawqa followed, according to a statement, more than 45 arrivals, most of whom completed the period of home quarantine fine and peace, and announced that it had sent the only positive case coming from Kuwait and his wife and the taxi driver who transported him from Beirut to the stone in Al-Hikma Hospital after obtaining the names of each Contact with detail. Every contact with the municipal police was contacted and obliged for the house quarantine. A team from the Ministry of Health also conducted a screening campaign for all contacts in the town yesterday.


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