Ahmed Al-Awadhi publishes the real moments of the execution of the terrorist Hisham Ashmawi. The best evening is for you – the seventh day


05/23 02:10

The star Ahmed Al-Awadi posted the real snapshots of the execution of the terrorist Hisham Amawi, through his personal Facebook account.

In the video, published by Al-Awadi, he appeared at the moment of the execution of the terrorist Hisham Ashmawi in red clothes after his death.


Al-Awadi had posted a photo through his official account on Facebook to carry out the death sentence in the terrorist Hisham Ashmawi while he was on the gallows, coinciding with the end of the 29th episode From the series “The ChoiceIn which chaos plays Ashmawi’s character, the events of which witnessed his execution, after he was arrested in Libya before he came to Egypt and is being tried.


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