Al Akhbar: Sonatrach threatens to stop providing fuel to Lebanon


The newspaper “Al-Akhbar” reported that an emergency item was at the top of the agenda of the cabinet meeting today, imposed by the book that Sonatrach sent to the Ministry of Energy on May 11th, and it was registered in the ministry’s report on 13 of it. In the aforementioned book, the company is seeking to regain the initiative after weeks of accusations that it has faced, as a result of the discovery of fraudulent fuel shipments, which led to the imprisonment of more than 20 employees of the Ministry of Energy and oil installations, in addition to the company representative in Beirut. Therefore, she considered that all the commotion raised “does not negate the fact that she never violated the contract.” On the contrary, it considers that it has provided great facilities to the state, as if it agreed to unload the loads before opening the credit. It considered that its agreement to retrieve the cargo that the BALTIC carrier carried, and shows that it does not conform to the specifications, is a goodwill initiative by it, as the contract does not bind it to the results of the checks that are being conducted in Beirut or after the cargo is unloaded. As a reminder, the aforementioned shipment was previously shown to comply with the specifications in the examination carried out at the port of Malta, as well as the matter in the examination conducted by the Oil Directorate at the Ministry of Energy. However, upon examination by the two carriership companies operating the two steamers, and the MEP company operating for the new Zouk and Jiyyeh operators (according to the contract signed between EDL and the two companies) it was found that they contain a high level of deposits, in violation of the terms of the contract signed with Sonatrach. Then the general manager of the Lebanese Electricity Company wrote to the Ministry of Energy, announcing that the shipment had violated the specifications, and the Algerian company, which had delivered the result and agreed to retrieve the shipment, had been contacted, announcing at the same time the assignment of two British companies to investigate what had happened.The newspaper pointed out that the company stresses in its new position the necessity of adopting the contractual terms, regarding future shipments that must be received from them until the end of the contract term. These contractual conditions stipulate, according to the company’s letter, that the results of the analyzes carried out at the loading port be considered as a contractually approved reference to determine the goods loaded whether they conform to the contractual specifications or not. After that, it is assumed that Lebanon bears the risks, that is, “as soon as the goods cross from the fixed connections of the pipes to the marine carrier at the loading port and not in Lebanon,” as is currently the case.
Moreover, the company raises the degree of its speech to the point of threatening to resort to the option to stop supplying Lebanon with fuel and gas materials, in the event that Lebanon does not agree to follow and apply the contractual terms specified in the contract.

She pointed out that the Ministry of Energy did not answer the book, but rather took responsibility for its shoulders, asking the Council of Ministers for the appropriate report, based on the fact that the basic contract and the decisions to extend it were previously approved by the Council of Ministers. As for the proposal of the Minister of Energy, Raymond Ghajar, it is stipulated to present the company’s letter to the Legislative and Consulting Authority in the Ministry of Justice to explain its opinion, and to prepare a letter of my response to it, “in light of the provisions of the contract signed with the company and in light of the ongoing judicial investigations.”
Roma also proposes to authorize the Minister of Foreign Affairs to follow up on the subject of supplying large quantities of Sonatrach with violating contractual specifications with the competent Algerian authorities and to explain its negative results on the state’s finances and the finances of the EDL, as well as follow up on the results of investigations initiated by the Algerian judicial authorities to know and identify the people who have proven or will prove Being involved.


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