Correction of the frequency of the channel of the Birds of Paradise and the new Baby Birds 2020 high-resolution image .. all satellites


The frequency of the birds of paradiseToday, we publish for you the frequency of the new channel of Birds of Paradise entirely on women and Arabs, which has increased in search recently due to the closure of the frequency of Nilesat, Toyor Al janah and Baby Birds are specialized channels in children’s content, and provide meaningful content for children, where children learn letters and numbers with songs, which makes Conservation and education are evolving, as high levels of viewing from all Arab countries have been achieved, as it is through a group of child singers that it has become easier to address children, and through this article we present to you the frequency of the Birds of Paradise channel 2020 via all satellites.

Paradise Birds Channel

All parents are looking for The frequency of the birds of paradise To follow it through the home quarantine, according to the preventive measures, to counter the threat of the Corona virus, which has spread in many countries of the world, so the countries raised the slogan “Stay at home”, every father and mother wanted to spend their children’s free time in fun and useful things, as a channel of birds Heaven and Baby are the safe havens for every family, as they urge the student to adhere to the prayer, instill values ​​and principles in the child.

The frequency of the Birds of Paradise channel

The channel has a group of the best singers, including Bara Al-Awaid, Ibrahim Al-Silawi, Murad Sharif, Zainab Al-Mukhal, Jenni Mekdad, Joan and Lillian Al-Silawi, Yara and Zain, Jad and Iyad, and to you the frequency of the Birds of Paradise channel 2020 via Arabsat.

The frequency of the Birds of Paradise channel (Arabsat)
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Songs of Paradise Birds

The channel produced a lot of songs and programs, where a very distinguished young stars elite presented a great lyric content, and the Mekdad family had the largest share in the songs, and you are the most famous songs that got high viewing rates (Who Am I – Hamido – Little Baby – Habiba Baba – I I want to fast – Sangouma – the bee – I’m the chicken – the rabbit and the fox – Azzouz – the night and the wolf – the false shepherd – the parrot – the lemon and the orange).

We are still following with you the latest frequencies of children’s channels via various satellites, as we mentioned to you the frequency of the new Bird of Paradise channel on the Saudi satellite Nilesat.

The Birds of Paradise Administration has not announced the new date for rebroadcasting on the Nilesat satellite, as viewers, children and adults, hope for a speedy return to broadcast.

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