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Thuraya Mohammed, a player of the Al-Ahly and Egypt national team, believes that what is lacking in the women’s team is the continuous participation in international championships for the global presence.

Thuraya Mohammed is a guest on a tent in the Joule via Instagram, which is provided to you daily in the month of Ramadan.

“Having a World Cup and competing in Africa is a dream that is not a distant dream. We have enough skills for that,” said Soraya.

“We only need to participate in all external competitions to gain experience and we will be present in the world championships,” she stressed.

“As for the national team, it includes good and promising elements, and we had the seventh Africa and Olympic competitors, only the first 5 teams,” Thuraya added.

“We also achieved the title of the African Championship 3 against 3 in our second participation in the game, in a great achievement for Egypt.”

Speaking of the consequences faced as a player, she said: “Maybe combining work and playing games.”

“But I work for a bank that fully appreciates those conditions and helps me succeed in the matches.”

She revealed, “But with regard to the players, perhaps the matter of marriage and pregnancy is what was delaying their career early at the age of 25 and 26.”

“Now we find a player who has one or two children and completes her career naturally.”

Finally, Soraya spoke about an unforgettable situation, saying: “We were playing a final game for the best of 3 and we lost the first match.”

“We had to win the second match, she was in Alexandria, and the team traveled a day before me, and I couldn’t travel due to work conditions, and I traveled the next day.”

“Along the way, during the match, I tell myself that if we lose, I will bear the loss myself because I did not exist from the beginning, but thank God we won,” she said.

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