Khamenei on Jerusalem Day: The Zionist pandemic will not remain


Iran marked the International Day of Jerusalem yesterday, which was launched by the founder of the Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini, and set it at the last Friday of Ramadan every year. Contrary to the past years, which were witnessing mass marches in all Iranian cities, and in light of the procedures to confront the pandemic “Corona”, activities were limited this year to a speech delivered by the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, in which he stressed that the Zionist entity is “a cancerous tomorrow … inevitably inevitable” .And the Iranian leader declared his pride in his country’s support for the Palestinian resistance with arms: “Our diagnosis was once that the Palestinian militant has religion, patriotism and courage, and his only problem is his hand free of arms. With the guidance and guidance of God Almighty, we planned to fill this void, and the result was that the balance of power in Palestine changed, and today Gaza can stand in the face of the Zionist military aggression and triumph over it. ” And by recommending “the continuation of the struggle, the arrangement of matters in jihadist organizations, their cooperation with one another, and the expansion of jihad in all Palestinian lands,” he called on everyone to “help the Palestinian people in this holy jihad.” Everyone should support the Palestinian militant’s arm and protect his back. ” He added, “Hamas and jihad in Palestine and Hezbollah in Lebanon have completed the argument against us.


The world did not forget and will not forget the day when the Zionists penetrated the borders of Lebanon and penetrated into Beirut, and that day in which a criminal murderer called Ariel Sharon committed a massacre in Sabra and Shatila, and neither did he, nor did he forget that day when this same army inflicted on Hezbollah’s fatal blows, He had no choice but to withdraw from the borders of Lebanon, admitting defeat, after incurring heavy losses, and then begging for a cease-fire. He attacked the classification of European countries by Hezbollah as a terrorist: “She must be put to shamelessness forever by selling chemicals to Saddam’s regime, to make the proud Hezbollah militia illegal. Illegal is a system like America that creates ISIS, and a system like that of a European country whose thousands of victims have died in the Iranian cities of Bana, Iran, and Halabja, Iraq.
He pointed out that the international interest in the “Corona” pandemic contributed to the blocking of what is being committed against the Palestinians, adding: “The old Zionist pandemic will no doubt remain, and will be eliminated from this region.” And he considered that «the original cause of the current tragedy of Palestine is the western countries that shared the territories of the Ottoman Empire in Asia after the First World War, especially Britain … the victorious countries in the war felt the need to establish a secure base in the heart of the region to ensure its dominance, by sharing lands The Ottoman Empire and the looting of its lands ».
He considered that “the struggle for Palestine is a jihad for the sake of God and an obligatory Islamic obligation.” He considered that “the aim of this struggle is to liberate the entire Palestinian land from the sea to the river, and the return of all Palestinians to their homes.” He refused to limit the Palestinian issue to the Palestinians and Arabs, and said: “The Palestinian issue is a humanitarian issue. Bringing millions of people out of their homes, farms, livelihoods and businesses, all by killing and committing the colors of crimes, it hurts and hurts the human conscience, and it pays in the event that there is the desire and courage to confront it. So limiting the issue to the Palestinian domain, or at most Arab, is a fatal mistake. ” He continued: «Those who see the concession of some Palestinian elements or a number of rulers of Arab countries as a license to cross from this Islamic and humanitarian issue, have made a serious mistake in understanding the issue, and they may have committed treason in its misrepresentation. He attacked the traitors of Palestine, the printing press, and those he described as “political and cultural mercenaries in Islamic countries” who helped the Zionists to play down the Palestinian cause.

Gantz in response to Khamenei: We will be ready for all threats

The speech sparked rejected comments in the United States, the European Union, and Israel. As US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo described Khamenei’s statements as “anti-Semitic, repulsive and hateful” and not representative of the spirit of tolerance among the Iranians, European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell considered the statements “totally unacceptable and a source of grave concern” and inconsistent with the goal of peace and stability In the Middle East. As for the Israeli Security Minister, Benny Gantz, he wrote on Facebook that his entity faces “great challenges in a variety of arenas.” Khamenei’s statement that Israel is a cancerous tomorrow shows that more than anything else, adding: “I do not suggest that anyone test us … We will be prepared for all threats and in any way.”


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