Maintenance and sterilization work delays the opening of Sharjah Gardens


Sharjah: «The Gulf»
Sharjah Municipality apologizes for not opening gardens during the current period to perform maintenance and sterilization operations out of its concern for the health and safety of community members in line with the precautionary measures being taken in the Emirate of Sharjah to address the threat of the spread of the Corona virus emerging (Covid-19).
She announced the continuation of the closure of its various facilities, gardens and green spaces as part of its continuous efforts to limit the spread of the virus and the work of sterilization and disinfection for all regions and facilities; as it works according to systematic and deliberate plans and takes all necessary precautions to serve all members of society, and spread awareness of the need to adhere to preventive measures and health instructions issued by the authorities Competent. And valued the role of community members to adhere to all instructions and commitment to the home within the campaign Khalk at home, which contributes to the completion of national sterilization work in the necessary manner and achieve the desired goals from it.


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