Turki Al-Sheikh breaks TV screen after losing the “PlayStation” match: “The hand is dirty”


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – A video clip released by the head of the Saudi General Entertainment Authority, Turki Al Sheikh, showed the moment he smashed a TV set after receiving a goal in a PlayStation match.

Al-Sheikh released the video while he was playing with the former head of the Saudi Al-Nasr Club, Saud Al-Suwailem, saying: “In minor riots … a new TV pandora and we will return. We will continue the match … but the match is not over.”

The owner of the Spanish club Almeria seemed angry after the Al-Swailem goal scored in the net, as he threw the television screen with the playing device or hand, repeating “the hand is a dagger.”

The “Playstation” match was part of a challenge between the Al-Sheikh family and the Al-Suwailem family, announced by Turki Al-Sheikh a few days ago with the aim of supporting the “Good Housing” charitable initiative.

Earlier, Al-Sheikh released a video of Barcelona star Lionel Messi to interact with the event.

Others also interacted with the reality of the television screen smash, including Saudi football star Sami Al-Jaber.


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