Twitter allows employees to work from home forever


direct: Twitter said it would allow some workforce to continue working from home “forever” if they wanted to.

And the social media company confirmed, through a statement yesterday, Tuesday, that the experience of working from home during the past several months showed that it could work on a large scale, and would allow it for employees who apply for it.

“If our employees are in a position and position to work from home and want to continue to do so forever, we will achieve that,” said Twitter Vice President Jennifer Christie.

“If not, our offices will be ready and comfortable with some additional precautions, when we feel it is safe to return to work,” she said.

Twitter said it had canceled all of the company’s internal activities until the end of this year, and could extend to 2021, and it did not expect to re-open most of its offices, or support travel of its employees to work before next September.

Facebook and Google announced last week that they would allow many employees to continue working from home until the end of this year, while Amazon said that employees can work from home until at least early October next.

These decisions reflect how some of the measures that have been implemented to deal with the epidemic can turn into a new normal for American companies, even after the health crisis is over.


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