Best cash-back credit cards for May 2021

A cash-lower back credit score card is an easy and straightforward manner to earn extra cash in your purchases without coping with hard-to-redeem praise systems. in case you’re already the use of a card regularly at locations just like the grocery keep or gasoline station, you can earn quite a piece of bonus coins with the high-quality coins-returned credit scorecard. The coins returned you earn is then deposited immediately into your bank account or carried out as a statement credit to your monthly bill. there is no need to switch, convert or strategically redeem something to maximize the price of your rewards. if you invest in eligible purchases, you earn bonus cash. it is that simple.

The first-class cash-returned credit score cards (and a few playing cards with hidden perks) can put a number of reward greenbacks back on your pockets. relying on the level of your spending rewards price and the card issuer, you could earn everywhere from 2% to 5% general to your blended purchases — now and again even greater if you make a certain qualifying buy. this may translate to among $three hundred and $600 in credit score card rewards in step with year if you spend $15,000 yearly. And depending on the cardboard, you’ll be eligible for bonus rewards or even a signal-up bonus — there are lots of alternatives accessible, especially when you have super credit. here are our picks for the pleasant cash-returned credit cards, starting with the maximum trustworthy cards and ending with those which have the most complex reward structures for redeeming bonus rewards.

The simplest: No annual fee, flat-rate cards

Best overall cash-back card

Chase Freedom Unlimited

Reward rates: Unlimited 1.5% cash back on all purchases and 5% back on travel, 3% back on dining, 3% back on drugstore purchases
Annual fee: $0
New member bonus: $200
Bonus redemption threshold: $500 in first three months
Credit requirement: Good to Excellent
Intro APR: 0% on purchases (15 months)
APR for purchases: 14.99% to 23.74% variable
APR for balance transfers: 14.99% to 23.74% variable
Balance transfer fee: 5% (minimum of $5)

most of the high-quality coins-lower back playing cards offer an easy, flat fee and no annual expenses. until recently, the Chase Freedom unlimited card gave you all of that — a flat charge of 1.five% coins returned on all purchases, without a spending restriction, no annual fee, and bendy redemption policies. In September 2020, but, Chase progressed on that deal, adding a touch bit of worthwhile complexity and ratcheting up the reward fees on tour (5%), eating (three%), and drugstore purchases (3%). while it is not the only, we suppose it’s the fine cash-back card for the general public.

Rewards details

The Chase Freedom limitless gives a $two hundred bonus in case you spend $500 or extra at some point of your first three months — it truly is one of the lowest bonus thresholds a few of the playing cards profiled here. New cardmembers also get 5% coins returned on grocery save purchases (up to $12,000) all through the primary year. note that the 5% coins again on tour is simplest for journeys booked via the business enterprise’s Chase last Rewards carrier. although it offers a decrease well-known price (1.5%) than the Citi Double coins Card (up to two%), we assume that a flat 1.5% charge plus the better class spending fees make it the better card ordinary for the general public.

When to use this card

The Chase Freedom Unlimited delivers the goods whether it’s the only card in your wallet or used to supplement a specific category card, like a travel credit card, which may offer higher bonuses for a particular type of purchase. It can also be useful when paired with a card that earns Chase Ultimate Reward points because you can convert your rewards into points, which can increase their value. Keep in mind that cards that offer higher rates on certain categories — like the Capital One Savor’s 4% for dining and entertainment and 2% at grocery stores — may offer lower rates on other categories. As such, it pays to have that flat 1.5% cashback from Freedom Unlimited for everyday purchases that don’t fall into your other card’s bonus categories.

Redemption details

you may redeem any quantity of Chase factors both as an announcement credit score to your bill, or as a right away deposited into your bank account. The redemption flexibility is a pleasing gain over other cards that only permit redemptions at certain degrees, like 2,500 praise points or $25.

Best flat-rate card for higher spenders

Rewards details

The Citi Double Cash Card is as easy because Chase Freedom is limitless, but it is one of the few playing cards that doesn’t provide a signal-on bonus. The alternate-off with the lack of a sign-on or welcome bonus is an above-common cash-back price.

When to use this card

like the Freedom limitless, the Citi Double Cash Card can be the best card for your wallet, or your selected card for each time you buy something out of doors of an advantage class.

worth noting is this card does have a 3% transaction rate for each time you’re making a foreign transaction. It does offer coins enhance, but the rate is both $10 or 5% of every cash enhance.

Redemption details

Citi’s rewards can be redeemed starting at $25 and are available in the form of both a check or assertion credit. One redemption distinction to note for the Citi Double Cash Card is that you get 1% back whilst you make a buy, and the second 1% while you repay your bill. given that I advise paying off your bill in complete each month, I do not place a whole lot of importance on this split.

Getting strategic: No annual fee ‘category’ cards

From this factor on, we are entering into the strategic territory, so I’ll be evaluating cards primarily based on how and whilst you use them. all of the final cards have distinct cashreturned chances based totally on the kind of buy, so special spending habits will internet extraordinary effectsat the same time as there can be a card or that makes feel like your only card, a maximum of those will be exceptional when paired with other coinsback cards so you‘re now not making too many purchases outside of an advantage category.

Best category card/best for online shopping

Reward rates: 3% cash back in choice category (gas, dining, travel, online shopping, drug stores, home improvement/furnishings); 2% back at grocery stores/wholesale clubs (up to $2,500 per quarter in combined choice category/grocery store/wholesale club purchases); 1% on everything else
Annual fee: $0
New member welcome bonus: $200
Bonus redemption threshold: $1,000 in first 90 days
Credit requirement: Good to Excellent
Intro APR: 0% on purchases and balance transfers (15 billing cycles)
APR for purchases: 13.99% to 23.99% variable
APR for balance transfers: 13.99% to 23.99% variable
Balance transfer fee: 3% (minimum of $10)

Rewards details

The financial institution of the USA cash Rewards card is one of the “rotating bonus category” playing cards, meaning that the category that generates the three% praise modifications over the direction of the year. but, unlike most different bonus cards that have set quarterly rotations or a rewards software, the financial institution of America version lets you pick out your category (up to as soon as a calendar month) from a list of six: gas, online shopping, eating, travel, drug shops or domestic improvement and furnishings.

When to use this card

Given the flexibility of the rewards program, I advocate the use of this card to fill an opening for your spending strategy. when you have a flat-fee card, a card for groceries and one for eating and tour, however you spend over $100 a month shopping on line, you can sign up for the financial institution of america coins Rewards card, choose “on line shopping” and deal with it as your on line spending card. i use the web buying class mainly because it’s much less not unusual than categories like gas or eating, but you can manifestly choose the category that makes the maximum sense on your spending conduct.

I don’t advise this card in case you’re doing a lot of remote places tours. It has a three% foreign transaction fee.

Redemption details

you can redeem BankAmericard cash rewards for any amount at any time and have them deposited into a bank of the united states or Merrill account, or redeem them as a statement credit score.

Rewards comparison

different bonus category playing cards, like the Chase Freedom or find out It coins again, rotate via 3 or four specific categories over the course of the yr, making it tough to maximize rewards or pair the cardboard with other playing cards. That makes the ability and choice of the bank of the united state’s card stand out.

Tech cards

at the same time as Netflix would not have a credit score card (but), most of the alternative FAANG organization contributors have made big efforts in the latest years to channel payments through their structures. FB goes the cryptocurrency course, Google Pay is a component and now both Amazon and Apple have their very own cash-lower back credit scorecards. Even Verizon is getting into the credit score card game.

Best for Amazon and Whole Foods shoppers

Reward rates: 5% on Amazon, Whole Foods; 2% at restaurants, gas stations, drugstores; 1% on everything else
Annual fee: $0
New member bonus: $70 Amazon Gift Card
Bonus redemption threshold: Card approval
Credit requirement: Fair
Intro APR: None
APR for purchases: 14.24% to 22.24% variable
APR for balance transfers: 14.24% to 22.24% variable
Balance transfer fee: 5% (minimum of $5)
This card is an ought-to-have for anybody who shops regularly on Amazon. I am not even going to provide a minimal endorsed threshold as there is no drawback and few different cards provide Amazon-unique discounts.

Rewards details

for the reason that you can purchase pretty much whatever on Amazon, five% back on the popular online store is pretty candy. the card additionally throws in 2% at restaurants, fuel stations, and drug shops, plus 1% on all other normal purchases. even as Amazon gives a basic, non-high member card with 3% returned on Amazon purchases, I’m focusing on the high rewards card due to the fact that I anticipate that in case you’re making a full-size quantity of purchases every month (over $250) at Amazon or entire foods, you’re most likely a prime member.

When to use this card

in case you save a ton at Amazon and entire meals and maximum of the rest of your spending is at eating places and on gasoline, the Amazon top Rewards card may be your most effective cash-returned card. outdoor of that particular spending profile, though, I recommend the usage of this card like the others — as a supplement to a flat-price card to earn cash for Amazon and complete meal purchases.

Redemption details

you may redeem factors at checkout while purchasing on Amazon for any amount, or redeem them as an assertion credit via Chase starting at 2,000 factors ($20). note that Amazon encourages the Amazon redemption alternative (manifestly) and doesn’t mention cash, however it’s far, in reality, a no-rate option that may be redeemed at the same fee.

Rewards comparison

The handiest another card you would possibly want to apply for Amazon purchases is the financial institution of the USA cash Rewards card, which gives three% back online buying (in case you pick that bonus class that region) and includes Amazon and a group of other online outlets. the percentage is two% less than Amazon’s card, however, if you store at a variety of online outlets, this will make more sense. With a few short math, you may see that if more than half of your online shopping is non-Amazon, the bank of the USA cash Rewards card reaps the maximum rewards. as an alternative, to get the maximum coins returned, join up for both no-charge cards and use the financial institution of us model for non-Amazon purchasing.

Best for regular Apple shoppers, instant rewards and privacy

Reward rates: 3% on Apple, Uber and Walgreens purchases; 2% on Apple Pay purchases; 1% on everything else
Annual fee: $0
New member bonus: $0
Bonus redemption threshold: None
Credit requirement: Fair
Intro APR: None
APR for purchases: 12.49% to 23.49% variable
APR for balance transfers: Not offered
Balance transfer fee: Not offered

Rewards details

The Apple Card has a completely unique rewards software shape, imparting 3% on Apple, Uber, and Walgreens purchases (an eclectic mixture of classes to mention the least), 2% on purchases made with Apple Pay, and 1% on everything else. except you are an Apple fantastic shopper and ordinary Uber user, the three% class isn’t going to stand out a whole lot. Plus, having to use Apple Pay to hit 2% compares poorly with the Citi Double Cash Card, which gives up to 2% on the whole lot, irrespective of how you pay. There are some blessings to Apple’s card, even though.

Other benefits

The Apple Card’s privacy policy states that it’ll “never proportion or sell your statistics to 1/3 parties for marketing or advertising and marketing,” a massive gesture for the ones worried about their private statistics. The Apple Card’s praise shape is likewise wonderful in that the cash lower back seems immediately to your account, hitting your balance at the give up of every day. So if you can’t wait a month or to redeem points and every other 4 to 5 days for a statement credit to post for your account, the Apple Card’s immediate rewards might be attractive.

When to use this card

If the primary three% class (Apple, Uber, and Walgreens) applies to quite a few of your purchases, this is a good coins-returned option. but, the two% for Apple Pay is a touch flimsy given no longer all outlets receive Apple Pay, while the Citi Double Cash Card offers up to two% no matter what. This card is frequently for individuals who are inquisitive about the card’s privateness coverage and immediate rewards.

sooner or later, I need to factor out that Apple has made a huge deal out of the low APR and lack of charges for things like overdue bills, but given our operating assumption which you’re paying off your stability every month on time besides, I see that as much less of a differentiating element. the word that the Apple Card doesn’t document credit hobby to all 3 important credit bureaus (handiest TransUnion), so in case you’re trying to construct your credit score, it’ll have much less of an impact.

High-yield, annual fee ‘category’ cards

Ah, now we’re getting deep into each cash-lower back credit scorecard. those two playing cards will hardly ever be your one-and-handiest cards unless your ordinary spending is closely tilted in the direction of one class. however, they could get you 2% to 4% more on sure categories, making them really worth the annual rate in case you hit sure spending thresholds in the categories of the one.

With a $95 annual charge for each card, you need to be a little extra circumspect whilst identifying if a card is well worth it. generally, having more cards in your pockets incorporates little disadvantage (until you’re not paying them off each month) or even facilitates your credit score by way of growing your overall available credit score. but with those charge cards, you are charged the $ ninety-five each year (unless it’s waived for the primary 12 months) regardless of how a good deal you use it, so take a beat to make sure it makes experience earlier than making use of.

I propose two in this category: The Capital One gets pleasure from the card, which’s superb for eating and amusement, and the Blue cash preferred card from American express for groceries. both offer a first-rate welcome bonus, however, the Blue coins favored threshold is less complicated to hit ($three,000 in spending in the first six months, vs. $three,000 in spending within the first three months for the savor).

Best for big grocery shoppers

Reward rates: 6% cash back on groceries at US supermarkets on up to $6,000/year (then 1%). 6% cash back on select US streaming subscriptions, 3% on transit and US gas stations, 1% on other purchases
Annual fee: $95 (waived for the first year) (see rates and fees)
New member bonus: $300 statement credit
Bonus redemption threshold: $3,000 in first six months
Credit requirement: Good to Excellent
Intro APR: 0% on purchases (12 months) (see rates and fees)
APR for purchases: 13.99% to 23.99% variable (see rates and fees)
APR for balance transfers: Not offered
Balance transfer fee: Not offered

Rewards details

The headline price is 6% at US supermarkets, with a cap restriction of $6,000 annually, and then the rate goes to at least one%. in case you’re hitting the restriction, that 6% will praise you with $360 a yr. The rewards cap is a bit annoying, but for the reason that it works out to $500 in keeping with a month on groceries, it commonly won’t come into play until you are a family of three or more. The Blue cash favored card also gives 6% cash lower back on choosing US streaming subscriptions, but with most Americans maxing out at approximately $forty to $50 a month on streaming offerings (and many spend much less than that), that a part of the reward best amounts to around $35 of the annual cost.

For most, the $300 declaration credit score bonus threshold is straightforward to hit (spend $3,000 within the first six months), so that you can essentially count number it as a positive component.

When to use this card

Given the generous 6% coins-back fee, you simplest need to spend approximately $one hundred forty a month on US grocery store purchases to make up for the continued annual rate and about $2 hundred a month to earn the equal quantity of rewards as you’ll with a 2% cash-returned card. So in case you spend greater than $200 a month on groceries and streaming subscriptions, this turns into a worthwhile card. The real candy spot is between about $350 and $500 month-to-month grocery spend at US supermarkets, where you’re maxing out that 6% coins returned (on up to $6,000 annually, then 1%).

I have to additionally word that there is a no-annual-fee version of the Blue cash card, referred to as Blue coins ordinary® Card from American explicit. however considering the bonus distinction ($three hundred statements after spending $3,000 within the first six months for preferred versus $2 hundred again once you spend $1,000 inside the first 3 months for normal) and the massive coins-returned distinction (6% at US supermarkets versus 3%, respectively), I used to be difficult-pressed to find many situations wherein the no annual rate card might be better.

Redemption details

you can redeem AmEx points most effective as an announcement credit, with no option to redeem them for the journey, present cards, or deposits into a bank account. The minimal threshold for redemption is $25.

Best for dining and entertainment

Rewards details

The $300 bonus is a nice incentive to sign up and effectively cancel out the annual rate for the first three years. however remember that the $three,000 bonus threshold is fairly high, so that you may want to use the cardboard for non-bonus category spending in those initial months to make sure you hit it. you may be sacrificing some percentage points of rewards from different playing cards, however, it is well worth it to make sure you do not forgo $three hundred — simply do the math to make certain it makes the experience.

They have fun with card’s headline price is the 4% you get on dining and amusement, which includes bars and eating places for eating and “tickets to a movie, play, concert, sporting event, visitor attraction, subject matter park, aquarium, zoo, dance club, pool corridor or bowling alley” for amusement. If you are like maximum American consumers who spend more on eating than entertainment, then note the emphasis on that part of the bonus.

When to use this card

This card makes feel in case you’re spending more than approximately $300 in keeping with month on dining and amusement. If it is the case, I endorse the simplest setting the one’s purchases on it. there’s no motive to take the 1% penalty on nondining and amusement purchases. For the ones, use your 1.5% or 2% card.

Redemption details

you can redeem your Capital One get pleasure from factors inside the form of a declaration credit score or as a take a look at, at any amount (no minimal thresholds or maximum incomes caps).

What are the best cash-back credit cards?

With unlimited 1.five% coins returned on all purchases, Chase Freedom limitless is our pick out for exceptional cash-lower back card basic. Citi Double coins Card earns the best marks because of the first-class flat-price card for better spenders.

How do cash-back credit cards work?

cash-again credit score cards provide cardholders rewards on their spending inside the shape of declaration credits or cash. A declaration credit is a reduction in the quantity due to the credit score card employer to your monthly invoice. observe that rewards are not usually available the month you earn them — they’re commonly carried out in your stability by means of credit card issuers after one or two billing cycles.

The redemption manner for coins-returned credit playing cards is both automatic or quite simple. some cards, just like the bank of the USA coins Rewards card, robotically practice cash rewards on your declaration stability every month. Others require you to log in and redeem to be had rewards points for statement credits. most points do not expire, however, you will lose them in case you close the account before redeeming them. some, like Citi, expire most effective after 365 days of account state of being inactive.

cash-returned credit score playing cards typically fall into four number one classes: flat-charge, tiered, rotating, or pick your very own.

Flat-price cards provide an equal fee for every buy. the ones are playing cards like the Citi Double coins, which offers 2% back on each buys, or the Chase Freedom limitless, which gives a 1.5% return on every buy.

Tiered playing cards offer specific rewards charges for extraordinary categories of spending. One instance is the Amazon Prime Rewards credit card, which gives a five% returned on Amazon and complete food purchases, 2% at eating places, drug stores, and gas stations, and 1% on the entirety else.

Rotating category cards offer different rewards for each zone, decided by means of the card company. pick out-your-personal category playing cards to allow you to choose your rewards class, like the bank of we coins Rewards card, which offers three% back on the class of your desire, 2% lower back on groceries, and 1% on everything else.

Should you get a cash-back credit card?

We endorse cash-lower back credit score playing cards for absolutely everyone. for the reason that even the high-quality cards don’t fee an annual rate, maximum of them provide a signal-up bonus and the redemption method is very simple, there are basically no downsides to conserving a cash-returned credit card.

The main drawbacks are paying interest on declaration stability (which we strongly recommend in opposition to) and being pressured to boom your spending because of the rewards structure. research has proven that after paying with a credit score card, purchasers tend to spend significantly greater than while paying with cash, as much as eighty three% more in a few instances. that is why it is important to carefully screen whether or not you are spending greater whilst you operate a credit card. in case you spend 50% more on eating once you have four% cashback on a dining credit score card, you are ultimately no longer doing yourself any true.

coins-back credit cards also are best for those who want simply one form of rewards card versus many. as an example, one of the flat-charge credit playing cards, like the Citi Double coins card or the Chase Freedom unlimited, might serve you nicely because the only credit score card for your wallet. On the opposite, if you’re ok with paying a couple of bills and the usage of exclusive playing cards for unique purchases, coins-back playing cards are complementary to different types of rewards cards. Say you have a tour rewards credit card, for instance, that offers you 5x factors on flights. you could use that card for your flight reservations, and your flat-fee coins-returned card for the whole thing else.

How to choose a cash-back credit card

To pick the satisfactory coins-returned credit score card for you, the maximum critical thing is to have a clear idea of how you’re already spending money every month. We advocate you chart your spending over the past three to 6 months and get away costs into classes, which includes eating, groceries, and fuel. (Budgeting websites like Mint — or even your cutting-edge financial institution — try this tracking automatically). once you discover the types in which you have the highest, most constant spending, use the charts in our list to decide which card will internet you the highest return. Then, after signing up for a credit card, compare your spending across the same term with the length before having the credit card. in case you notice discrepancies, mainly large ones, recollect using cash for the one’s purchases or honestly pay attention to how you used to spend and fit it up.

handiest once you determine which card has the excellent praise fee on your classes ought to you take a look at the extra perks and gives, like signal-on bonuses, foreign transaction costs or apartment car coverage, and decide which — if any — of them apply to you and the way crucial they’re. a few may seem treasured but now not truly prevent any money, like a card that doesn’t fee foreign transaction charges whilst you in no way tour overseas.

Annual percent fees determine the number of hobbies you may pay over the course of the 12 months on any stability you preserve in your credit scorecard. for the reason that our recommendation is to use your rewards credit score card in the region of coins and to never deliver stability, APRs are the least influential element. most credit playing cards provide a variable APR in the 15% to twenty-five% variety relying on the cardboard and your unique credit score score. as compared to praise quotes, the one’s numbers are excessive. Like five to 10 times better than common rewards costs. in case you keep stability for your credit card statement, you are erasing the one’s rewards and then a few, that is why we recommend paying off your stability in complete every month.

however, fifty-five% of American citizens do not repay the balance of their credit score card each month. if you have any trouble paying off your credit score card bill every month, prioritize that before all else. handiest after you’ve relieved yourself of debt and not pay hobby costs have to you bear in mind a rewards card.

Your credit score card preference may also be affected by your credit score rating. most of the playing cards we propose to require an excellent or extremely good credit rating, which is typically around 650 or better. in case you do not meet the credit score standards required, there are credit score playing cards available which might be mainly for the ones trying to rebuild credit, like secured credit playing cards.

How to maximize cash-back rewards

The most important strategy for maximizing cash-back rewards might be surprising: don’t overspend. Once you start earning points and bonuses and rewards for spending, you may be tempted to try to rack up your rewards, but that will get you further away from your financial goals, not closer. Cash-back rewards are a great way to earn a little money back on current spending, but as soon as you spend more than you normally would just to get rewards, the net value will be negative. One way to avoid overspending is by using a budgeting app that keeps you honest like You Need A Budget.

The second tip is to never miss a payment. If you have to pay a late payment fee or an interest payment for an outstanding balance, your losses will eclipse your rewards very quickly. We recommend paying off your credit card bill twice a month to be safe or opting into automatic payments.

Finally, to maximize cash-back rewards, consider adding two or three different credit card offers to your wallet. Cards often target just one or two categories, so you may need to enlist several cards to maximize the returns on your spending. That being said, you also need to factor in the time and energy you spend on credit card rewards. At a certain point, the perfect strategy may be too time-consuming and stressful.

Different types of credit cards to consider

cash-again credit score cards are right for most of the people of purchasers, but there also are different forms of rewards credit cards to bear in mind. travel rewards credit score playing cards, for example, are tremendous for people who travel frequently or who need to upgrade their travel revel in with perks like airline lounge gets admission to or improvements. journey credit playing cards reward cardholders with points or miles, like Chase’s Ultimate Rewards factors or American specific’ club Rewards factors, that may be redeemed for tour purchases.

For folks who need to construct or rebuild their credit score score, secured credit playing cards and pupil credit cards are excellent options. at the same time as many coins-returned and tour rewards playing cards require precise to high-quality credit score, these different types of playing cards assist people with decrease ratings to build their credit score through the years. Secured credit score cards require an up-front deposit in the amount of the credit score line, so you’re essentially making a mortgage to the financial institution in trade for credit score records. scholar cards are designed to help younger human beings without a credit score history build credit for the primary time. both normally come with a low credit score restriction and a better chance of approval.

There are also “club” credit score playing cards that are best available to folks that are individuals of a credit union, brokerage, or different form of club membership. the ones encompass credit score union credit cards just like the Alliant CU Visa, retail playing cards just like the Costco credit card, the Target RedCard, and Sam’s membership MasterCard, or the fidelity cash-again credit playing cards for constancy account holders.

subsequently, enterprise cards, like the Chase Ink business line of playing cards or The business Platinum Card® from American express, are for small groups and even contractors and freelancers and geared closer to logging business fees. An enterprise credit score card will typically provide rewards for categories along with internet and phone invoice charges, office resources, and different enterprise-related purchases.

How we picked the best cash-back credit cards

To determine the best cash-back credit cards, we researched 18 popular cards and looked for those that offer the best overall financial value. This means we looked at net overall value for each rewards credit card, rather than prioritizing perks or offers that quickly lose value after the initial sign-up. In the end, the rewards credit card with the largest sign-on offer will not always be deemed the best card.

We prioritized the cash-back credit cards that reward broad spending categories where Americans tend to spend significant amounts of money (like dining, travel and grocery shopping), instead of narrow categories like streaming services or “home improvement.” Then we compared reward offerings with potential returns based on hypothetical spending budgets. Those hypothetical budgets are based primarily on the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Expenditure Survey, with several members of the CNET staff’s subjective input, as well.

In the end, we chose eight high-value options from the crowded market. Some are no-annual-fee, flat-rate credit cards that earn the same amount on all purchases. Some require you make a certain qualifying purchase to start earning cash-back rewards. Some offer a signup bonus reward as well as cashback. Some are limited to specific spending categories (such as whether it’s a grocery purchase, gas purchase, dining, transit, or travel) but have a higher rewards rate, while others charge an annual fee. We then outlined important information for each card, including whether it has a transfer fee, bonus redemption thresholds, and introductory APR. We also specified general credit requirements for eligibility (if you find you aren’t eligible for a card that offers cash-back rewards, try a student credit card first).

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