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Email: or through “Iqra News” Business hours: Open daily from the hour.

You can contact us through the official page of the Iqra News website on Facebook from here.

Work paths within Iqra News

* Contribute to the development of the cognitive and intellectual spirit of youth.
* A network of correspondents to cover news of university students.
* Adopting fair student cases.
* Discovering and marketing scientific talents and innovative models.
* Launching youth initiatives and campaigns to develop society and elevate it to professionalism.
Qualifying young people for the labor market and providing government and private jobs.
* Positive interaction with the concerns of the homeland.
* Spreading the spirit of hope and motivating the youth to play their role in improving the quality of education.
* Urging government institutions and departments to meet the needs of youth.
* Coordinating and sponsoring youth initiatives.
Introducing distance education platforms and facilitating their services for students and youth.
* Paying attention to the field of entrepreneurship and providing planning models and technical support for its professionalism.
Media training for students and graduates.

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