Afghan retreat: US starts withdrawing from its longest war

us has officially begun retreating its ultimate troops from Afghanistan, bringing its longest battle closer to a cease but also heralding an unsure future for a country within the tightening grip of an emboldened Taliban.

US officers on the floor stated on Saturday the withdrawal is a piece in progress – and can 1 is just a continuation – however, Washington has made trouble of the date due to the fact it is a deadline agreed with the Taliban in 2020 to finish the pullout.

The skies above Kabul and nearby Bagram airbase have been buzzing with more US helicopter interest than usual as the withdrawal ready, following the start on Thursday of a concurrent NATO drawdown.

Afghan security forces had been on high alert on Saturday for any possible attacks on withdrawing American troops.

“The people will officially begin their withdrawal from Afghanistan starting may additionally 1 and the Taliban might growth the violence,” acting indoors Minister Hayatullah Hayat informed pinnacle police commanders, consistent with an audio clip given to newshounds.

Taliban attacks?

Afghan country-wide safety Council adviser Hamdullah Mohib stated the Taliban “may also choose conflict” in an try to seize electricity after US troops completely go out, however, protection forces had been geared up to stand the combatants.

the chance of a quit to us presence after twenty years comes regardless of combating raging throughout the nation-state within the absence of a peace deal.

Hameed Hakimi of Chatham residence informed Al Jazeera from Cambridge the withdrawal technique has been moving the energy vacuum and violence around Kabul.

“The main immediate situation of us in my information is that as a way as the Taliban don’t attack them whilst they’re pulling out among now and September,” he said.

“As far because the Afghan authorities is worried, they trust if they attack the Taliban this would pressure them to return to a few types of a negotiating desk.”

US President Joe Biden is decided to end what he referred to as “the for-all-time battle”, pronouncing last month the withdrawal of the closing 2,500 American forces would be whole by using the 20th anniversary of the 11th of September assaults.

“An awful attack twenty years in the past … can not explain why we have to stay there in 2021,” stated Biden.

The Taliban stated the united states troop withdrawal was to be finished through May 1 as agreed in last year’s accord with Washington, and it was a “clear violation” that the troops were now not absolutely out.

In an announcement on Saturday, Taliban army spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid stated the passing of the may additionally 1 cut-off date for a complete withdrawal “opened the manner for [Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan] mujahidin to take every counteraction it deems suitable against the occupying forces”.

however, he stated fighters at the battlefield will look ahead to a selection from the management before launching any attacks and that decision may be based totally on “the sovereignty, values and higher pursuits of u . s .”.

for the reason that the US withdrawal deal changed into struck, the Taliban has no longer at once engaged foreign troops, however armed rebels have attacked government forces inside the countryside and waged a deadly campaign in city regions.

Worst-case analysis

still, fashionable Mark Milley, chairman of the USA Joint Chiefs of the workforce, has not ruled out general chaos.

“on the worst-case analysis, you have got a capacity collapse of the authorities, an ability crumble of the army,” he stated in advance this week.

“you have got a civil conflict and all the humanitarian disaster that goes with it.”
the united states-led navy onslaught in Afghanistan commenced in October 2001 inside the aftermath of the Sep 11 assaults.

many years later – after the death of virtually 2, four hundred individuals and tens of thousands of Afghans – Biden stated the final withdrawal became justified as US forces had now made positive the USA can’t again grow to be a base for overseas attackers to plot against the West.


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