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COVID-19 vaccines induced over 4,000 deaths; COVID-19 survivors can’t get the virus and don’t should be vaccinated; pure immunity trumps vaccine immunity; spike protein from the vaccines is harmful


Inaccurate: Circumstances of reinfection in COVID-19 survivors had been documented, due to this fact it’s false to assert that COVID-19 survivors can’t get the virus once more. Part 3 medical trials for COVID-19 vaccines approved by the U.S. Meals and Drug Administration (FDA), which assessed security and efficacy in tens of hundreds of volunteers, had been operating for about 4 to 5 months earlier than authorization was granted.
Deceptive: Whereas an infection tends to grant higher immunity than vaccination more often than not, getting the illness is related to the next threat of dying and well being issues. Vaccines generate immunity in individuals whereas avoiding the dangers related to the illness itself. The quantity of spike protein generated by COVID-19 vaccination is just too low to trigger injury.


Medical trials confirmed that COVID-19 vaccines are efficient in opposition to the illness and have a wonderful security profile. Whereas an infection may also confer protecting immunity, this additionally comes with the dangers related to illness, corresponding to dying and well being issues. Vaccination develops immunity with out operating these dangers, making vaccines the safer selection. COVID-19 survivors additionally profit from vaccination. For instance, vaccination could assist forestall reinfection in survivors who don’t develop protecting immunity from an infection alone, whereas vaccine boosters might help construct immunity to virus variants.

FULL CLAIM: “In Might we’ve got over 4,000 vaccine-related deaths and over 10,000 hospitalizations”; “Each scientist on the earth is aware of that pure immunity is approach higher than vaccine immunity”; COVID-19 survivors “cannot get the virus”, in order that they don’t should be vaccinated; “We all know that the vaccine know-how produces the harmful spike protein […] which damages blood vessels and causes blood clotting”; “two months of observational knowledge […] That has by no means been finished earlier than. We have now by no means simply thrown a vaccine at any person with out having any knowledge.”


An interview that includes Peter McCullough, a heart specialist and professor of drugs at Texas A & M College, carried out by author John Leake on 19 Might 2021, was printed as a video on Rumble by Fleccas Talks, a channel run by political commentator Austen Fletcher. The video was later shared on social media platforms like Fb. In response to the social media analytics instrument CrowdTangle, movies of the interview drew greater than 14,000 interactions on Fb, together with greater than 7,200 shares.

The video additionally acquired a lift from American actor Rob Schneider, who shared the video on Twitter. Schneider’s tweet was retweeted greater than 400 instances and acquired greater than 1,100 likes.

McCullough was additionally beforehand interviewed by Fox News host Tucker Carlson on 7 Might 2021, throughout which he claimed that hydroxychloroquine is efficient for treating COVID-19. As previous reviews by Well being Suggestions confirmed, there’s no dependable proof supporting this declare.

In the course of the interview with Leake, McCullough made a number of claims about COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccines. This evaluate explains under why his claims are inaccurate, deceptive and/or unsupported by proof.

Declare 1 (Inaccurate):

In Might we’ve got over 4,000 vaccine-related deaths and over 10,000 hospitalizations. […] that is far and away essentially the most deadly poisonous biologic agent ever injected right into a human physique in American historical past.

McCullough didn’t cite his sources when stating these figures, however the ballpark determine of 4,000 has been cited earlier than in another claim about COVID-19 vaccines. It might correspond to the variety of stories of dying occurring after a COVID-19 vaccination within the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) database.

VAERS collects stories of antagonistic occasions that happen after vaccination. Its purpose is to function a surveillance system that enables public well being authorities to detect alerts that will point out potential security issues.

Nonetheless, VAERS stories have offered fertile ground for COVID-19 vaccine misinformation. VAERS clearly states that stories can’t be used to find out if the vaccine was the reason for an antagonistic occasion. However this hasn’t stopped individuals from claiming that COVID-19 vaccines are unsafe on the premise of VAERS stories alone (see earlier evaluations here, here, and here). In actual fact, citing VAERS reports as proof that vaccines are dangerous is a typical characteristic of vaccine misinformation typically.

Moreover, it is very important contemplate that the U.S. vaccinated more than 147 million people by early Might 2021. In such a big group of individuals, we have to do not forget that incidental deaths and diseases happen. Even in an unvaccinated inhabitants, a certain number of deaths are expected. As illustrated in this commentary in Science Translational Drugs:

We’re speaking about treating very, very massive populations, which implies that you’re going to see the same old run of mortality and morbidity that you simply see throughout massive samples. Particularly, for those who take 10 million individuals and simply wave your hand forwards and backwards over their higher arms, within the subsequent two months you’d count on to see about 4,000 coronary heart assaults. About 4,000 strokes. Over 9,000 new diagnoses of most cancers. And about 14,000 of that ten million will die, out of typical all-causes mortality. Nobody would discover. That’s how many individuals die and get sick anyway.

However for those who took these ten million individuals and gave them a brand new vaccine as an alternative, there’s an actual hazard that these coronary heart assaults, most cancers diagnoses, and deaths can be attributed to the vaccine. I imply, for those who attain a big sufficient inhabitants, you’re actually going to have instances the place somebody will get the vaccine and drops lifeless the following day (simply as they’d have in the event that they *didn’t* get the vaccine). It may show tough to persuade that particular person’s mates and family members of that lack of connection, although. Submit hoc ergo propter hoc is likely one of the strongest fallacies of human logic, and we’re not going to eliminate it any time quickly.

Due to this fact, it’s mandatory to check the speed of the antagonistic occasion between the unvaccinated (baseline) and vaccinated teams. Solely when the speed is considerably increased within the vaccinated group do researchers have grounds to hypothesize that there’s a causal relationship. Certainly, such comparisons are what well being authorities and regulatory businesses do when antagonistic occasions are reported.

As defined in this Health Feedback review, scientists noticed that deaths haven’t occurred at the next charge in vaccinated individuals as in comparison with unvaccinated individuals. Such an remark doesn’t help McCullough’s declare that COVID-19 vaccines trigger dying.

Declare 2 (Deceptive):

Each scientist on the earth is aware of that pure immunity is approach higher than vaccine immunity.

This declare is deceptive, because it fails to offer the reader with sufficient info that may allow them to precisely evaluate each the advantages and dangers of pure immunity with these of vaccine-induced immunity.

The Vaccine Training Heart of the Kids’s Hospital of Philadelphia explained:

It’s true that pure an infection nearly all the time causes higher immunity than vaccines. Whereas immunity from illness usually follows a single pure an infection, immunity from vaccines often happens solely after a number of doses.

However what McCullough didn’t inform viewers is that buying immunity by way of an infection comes with the dangers related to the sickness. The comparatively low mortality charge of COVID-19 is often cited as a purpose to not fear about catching the virus. However this concentrate on mortality charge alone doesn’t account for the truth that the virus is highly contagious, and may due to this fact nonetheless trigger many deaths when it spreads broadly. To this point, more than 590,000 people in the U.S. have died from COVID-19, whereas COVID-19 deaths worldwide have exceeded 3.6 million.

Moreover, COVID-19 can result in different outcomes apart from full restoration and dying. For instance, a proportion of COVID-19 survivors have persistent well being issues even after recovering from the an infection. A few of these issues embody issue respiratory, cognitive deficits, joint and muscle ache. This situation is termed long COVID.

There’s nonetheless rather a lot that scientists don’t learn about lengthy COVID, though work is underway to know the situation higher, as defined in these articles by Nature and Science. Lengthy COVID is unpredictable, as described by Stephanie LaVergne, an infectious ailments researcher at Colorado State College, in this piece for The Dialog. For example, it could actually have an effect on the younger in addition to the aged. Even these with a gentle case of COVID-19 can finally develop lengthy COVID. The bodily and psychological toll of this situation might be detrimental to a person’s quality of life.

In contrast, COVID-19 vaccines confer immunity to illness, however aren’t related to a larger chance of dying or persistent well being issues just like the illness is. Whereas the vaccines generally trigger side effects like fever, headache, and muscle aches, these are comparatively delicate and short-lived in comparison with well being issues from COVID-19.

Viral vector vaccines, just like the AstraZeneca-Oxford and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, are certainly related to a higher incidence of a rare blood clotting disorder. Nonetheless, outcomes reported in this preprint (a examine not but peer-reviewed by different scientists) counsel that the danger of blood clots from COVID-19 is a number of instances increased than that noticed with the vaccines[1].

Total, if we evaluate the dangers and advantages of pure immunity with that of vaccine-induced immunity, vaccine-induced immunity is preferable, because it induces protecting immunity in a a lot safer method than getting the illness.

Declare 3 (Inaccurate and Deceptive):

COVID-19 survivors “can’t get the virus”, in order that they don’t should be vaccinated.

This declare is inaccurate. As defined above, pure an infection does produce protecting immunity generally, however reinfection can and does happen. This implies that not all survivors develop protecting immunity from an infection alone. It’s unclear what number of COVID-19 survivors expertise reinfection, as there isn’t sufficient knowledge to make conclusions, though reinfection is thought to be uncommon.

The emergence of variants is a supply of uncertainty concerning the safety offered by pure immunity. A examine estimated that as many as two-thirds of individuals within the metropolis of Manaus, Brazil had been contaminated in the course of the first wave of COVID-19[2]. Despite the fact that this may need been anticipated to offer some immunity within the majority of the inhabitants, town suffered a second wave of COVID-19 cases worse than the first one. One potential contributing issue to the extra extreme second wave could possibly be the Gamma variant, additionally known as P.1 and first detected in Brazil, which can be extra transmissible[3].

Vaccination might help improve COVID-19 survivors’ protecting immunity. Firstly, vaccine boosters designed to focus on variants can additional enhance the immune system’s capability to reply to an an infection by a variant, as Cassandra Berry, a professor of immunology at Murdoch College, defined in this article printed by The Dialog.

Secondly, reinfection is tough to foretell, however particular person variability in immunity can come up on account of elements corresponding to genetic susceptibility, age, and the quantity of virus an individual was uncovered to (also called infectious dose)[4]. Since vaccines are designed to provide optimum immunity, as Berry defined, vaccination might help to bridge the immunity hole in a survivor that didn’t generate protecting immunity from an infection alone.

Lastly, some analysis means that one dose of vaccine in survivors produces an enhanced immune response sturdy sufficient to combat off variants[5,6], reported the New York Times.

In abstract, COVID-19 survivors can get COVID-19 once more, regardless of McCullough’s declare, though reinfection is regarded as unusual. There’s proof demonstrating that vaccination is useful even for individuals who already had COVID-19.

Declare 4 (Deceptive and Unsupported):

We all know that the vaccine know-how produces the harmful spike protein […] which damages blood vessels and causes blood clotting

Vaccines work by exposing an individual to a lifeless or weakened pathogen (disease-causing microorganism), or part of the pathogen, like certainly one of its proteins. This trains the particular person’s immune system to be prepared to acknowledge and combat off the precise microorganism in a future encounter.

The declare that the spike protein generated by the COVID-19 vaccines poses a hazard to individuals could also be based mostly—incorrectly as we are going to see—on just lately printed research, as documented here by David Gorski, a professor of surgical procedure at Wayne State College and an editor at Science-Based Medicine.

In one study by the Salk Institute, scientists engineered a pseudovirus that carried the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein on its floor[7]. Gorski described pseudoviruses as “a assemble that has the exterior proteins of the virus of curiosity”. Pseudoviruses don’t include the precise virus and cannot replicate. This enables scientists to provide fashions that carry the identical exterior traits of the virus they want to examine, with out having to run the security dangers related to learning the virus itself. The examine reported that hamsters contaminated with the pseudovirus had indicators of irritation within the lungs.

However as one of many examine’s senior authors Uri Manor identified on Twitter, the findings of the examine can’t be extrapolated to the spike protein produced by COVID-19 vaccines. It’s because the quantity of spike protein produced by vaccines is much lower than the spike protein current within the hamsters.

Moreover, as Gorski identified, the examine itself said that the findings counsel vaccines would defend individuals from damage, not trigger it:

[The results suggest] that vaccination-generated antibody […] in opposition to [spike] protein not solely protects the host from SARS-CoV-2 infectivity but additionally inhibits [spike] protein imposed endothelial damage.

Endothelial cells are cells that line the interior partitions of blood vessels. This contradicts McCullough’s declare that the spike protein from the vaccines would injury blood vessels.

One other examine examined blood samples from individuals who acquired the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine and detected spike protein in 11 out of 13 vaccinated individuals[8]. Nonetheless, this examine additionally doesn’t present proof that the spike protein from vaccines causes injury, for the reason that ranges of spike protein detected had been infinitesimal. Particularly, they had been within the realm of picograms per milliliter. Gorski put this in perspective:

That’s 10-12 grams/milliliter. What was the focus utilized by Manor’s lab once more? Oh, sure, 4 micrograms/milliliter. One microgram is 10-6 grams, or one million-fold a couple of picogram!

Total, McCullough’s declare that vaccine-induced spike protein poses a hazard to individuals isn’t substantiated by proof. In actual fact, the obtainable proof contradicts his declare.

Declare 5 (Inaccurate):

Two months for COVID, […] two months of observational knowledge. This concept that we may vaccinate those who weren’t even examined within the trials. That has by no means been finished earlier than. We have now by no means simply thrown a vaccine at any person with out having any knowledge.

That is inaccurate. Each the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines started Part 3 trials. which assessed efficacy and security, in July 2020 (see data in ClinicalTrials.gov here and here). Each acquired emergency use authorization (EUA) by the U.S. Meals and Drug Administration in December 2020 (see here and here), greater than 4 months later.

Part 3 medical trials for the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine began in September 2020 and included greater than 40,000 volunteers. The vaccine received EUA in February 2021.

Tens of hundreds of volunteers had been included in every vaccine’s Part 3 medical trial. In all instances, authorization was solely given after the FDA evaluated the information on the vaccines’ efficacy and security and concluded that the vaccines’ identified and potential advantages outweigh their identified and potential dangers.

Declare 6 (Unsupported):

That is what globalists have been ready for, they’ve been ready for a approach of marking individuals, that you simply get in a vaccine, you’re marked in a database and this can be utilized for commerce, for commerce, for habits modification, all completely different functions

McCullough espoused the conspiracy concept that COVID-19 vaccination campaigns are being used for nefarious purposes to trace individuals. This conspiracy concept gained traction in teams corresponding to QAnon and vaccine-opposing organizations, as reported by BBC and Rolling Stone. The conspiracy concept generally goes hand in hand with the false declare that the vaccines include microchips (see fact-checks here and here). At any charge, McCullough didn’t present any proof for his declare.


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