Disney’s real-life lightsaber looks incredible. Here’s how it could work

In a now not-so-long term from now, in a subject matter park no longer up to now away, you may get the hazard to look a sensible lightsaber instantly expand out of a hilt, glowing earlier than your very eyes. Disney has built running lightsabers that mimic the look and sound of the laser sword from the famous person Wars movies, announcing Tuesday that the prop might be part of its new star Wars-themed inn at Walt Disney international after teasing it to a small group of journalists in a streamed video presentation closing month.

The megastar Wars: Galactic Starcruiser inn will open in 2022, providing a -day, -night “story living” adventure in which visitors are transported aboard the Halcyon starcruiser. guests will be immersed in lightsaber education, analyze the navigation and defense systems of the spaceship, enjoy quality eating, and be escorted on a discipline experience to the big name Wars: Galaxy’s area vicinity of Disney international.

Rey will wield a realistic lightsaber aboard Disney's Galactic Starcruiser.
Rey will wield a realistic lightsaber aboard Disney’s Galactic Starcruiser.

The home windows of the hotel will display constantly changing perspectives of the galaxy, and individual interactions will encompass heroes of the Resistance. guests could be able to select alliances inside the storyline and meet with the deliver’s, captain, and mechanic. also blanketed inside the motel stay package is one dinner with a live overall performance from a Twi’lek dancer in the Crown of Corellia eating Room. The eating room will provide breakfast and lunch each day, and a multi-course dinner menu.
however one of the focal points of your life at the new megastar Wars lodge? Interacting with Rey, who will wield Disney’s new realistic lightsaber. A video of the lightsaber in action suggests the shaft of light extend out of the hilt, making the same buzzing sounds you hear within the celebrity Wars onscreen universe.

The lightsaber become first announced by Disney Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro. on the cease of a video presentation in April, he picked up a hilt-like box from which a light blade shot out in a single 2d as he said, “it is actual.” No video evidence of it become previously shared online, with reporters asked no longer to file the presentation. All we had to move on had been stories from folks that witnessed the spectacle.

Cue the surprise from newshounds blowing up Twitter who had been taken by way of marvel with the aid of what they saw. (I, unfortunately, became now not one of these reporters. at some stage in the presentation i used to be busy protecting every other part of my adolescence coming to lifestyles: a Transformer that transforms on its very own.)

rapidly afterward, certainly one of Disney’s top innovative executives, Scott Trowbridge, tweeted that sure, it is clearly actual.

Disney has now confirmed the lightsaber was designed through Disney Imagineering studies and development.

So how did Disney pull off this feat of engineering? There are some clues in a patent Disney filed for an operating lightsaber back in 2017. (No, it does not chop off limbs, but it does have a retractable, internally illuminated blade.) In it, we see that inspiration for the design comes from a totally basic tool: a tape degree. but with more than one spool of materials that need to increase and retract in an immediate, the build itself is a long way from simple.

inside the video embedded above, I show off Disney’s new footage of the lightsaber and break down the substances Disney may be using to create the effect as described in its patent — including an LED light strip. And by means of trying to make my personal pattern, I with any luck reveal how complex it surely is to make the whole thing work perfectly while you do not have the pressure on your facet.

An illustration from Disney’s patent for a retractable light sword.

you may bet an impact like this would be ideal for stay amusement at the Galaxy’s facet-themed land at Disney’s subject parks, in conjunction with the Galactic Starcruiser.

Concept art for lightsaber training aboard the Galactic Starcruiser experience at Walt Disney World.


way to reporter Carlye Wisel, host of the podcast Very amusing with Carlye Wisel, for joining in to give an explanation for what she saw inside the presentation. And in case you’re feeling inspired to play around with making your personal lightsaber, you could find a strip of color-changing LEDs for $20 (and you could cut it to the length you want).

And, uh, make sure to have loads of tape.

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