Prince series episode 29 .. Mohamed Ramadan begins revenge and gives his sister’s husband a hot streak


Events started Episode twenty-nine of the Prince series, Broadcast on my channel dmc Anddmc Drama, beginning with the implementation of “Radwan” Muhammad Ramadan, to avenge his brothers after they caused the killing of his wife and son, and he assaulted his sister’s husband “Raafat” Ahmed Fahim, while riding his car, and kidnapped him in an abandoned place where “Salah is a night” Muhammad Ahmed Maher, and his men.

Radwan entered Raafat’s room and closed the door behind him. He taught him a hot streak that caused blood from his face and told him that he was the only one who could drive a transport vehicle, so he was the one who collided with his car on the highway and killed his wife, but he promised That he will kill him after 5 years, after he tastes confined in this room for the duration of this period.

He completed the scene with calls from his wife, “Abeer,” Rehab El-Gamal, but she finds the phone closed, and “Fathi” Ahmed Zahir tried to calm her down, and also called “Yasser” Mohamed Alaa, to ask about him, but he told her that he did not know anything about him.

The series revolves around the “Al-Prince,” and “Radwan Al-Prince”, whose personality embodies the star Mohammed Ramadan and works as a plumber in his father’s workshop. He finds himself responsible for his family after the death of his parents, which results in some family problems between him and his 6 brothers who are “Abdul Mohsen” and embodies it. Edward, “Fathi” Ahmed Zahir, “Yasser” Muhammad Alaa, “Nora” Reem Sami, “Adel” Ahmed Dash and “Raafat” Ahmed Fahim.

The series “Prince” is shown on my channel dmc And dmc Drama, written and directed by Mohamed Sami and Battoula, Mohamed Ramadan, Nour Lebanese, Ahmed Zahir, Rogina, Naglaa Badr, Edward, Donia Abdel Aziz, Abdel Aziz Makhyoun, Reem Sami, Salwa Othman, Mohamed Alaa, Safa El Toukhy, Mohamed Hatem, Rehab Camel, Hazem Ehab, Ahmed Dash, and Synergy Production.


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